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> moderation | Arbeit und Migration @ NGOs date Filmmakers | Talentcampus@HAU2 Berlin [feb 2008]

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40 FilmmakersNGOs: Anabel Bermejo Bragado (amnesty international), Jule Axmann (Attac), Katrin Riegger (BUND/Friends of the Earth Germany), Axel Rottländer (CARE Deutschland/Luxemburg), StefanRostock (Germanwatch), Cornelia Deppe-Burghardt / Ariane Hildebrandt (Greenpeace), Jörg Haas(Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung), Sven Hessmann (IPPNW), Thomas Gebauer (medico international), JörnKalinski (Oxfam), Irene Jung (Terre des Femmes)

Experts: Michael Auret, Don Edkins, Kyrill Konin, Tobias Hering, Rumbi Katedza, Hannah Hurtzig, Oliver Lerone Schultz

– In co-operation with Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Federal Foreign Office, Euromed Audiovisual II Programme – Chair: Christian Stahl

Key Questions:

• What are the biggest challenges with regards to collaborating?
• Which strategies are successful? Which strategies are not?
• Does the project have to weigh so heavily on money and funding?
• Is it more useful to combine research resources, distribution networks, and technical support?
• Can you make a sincere film without sensationalizing the subject?
• As both NGOs and Filmmakers come equipped with an active integrity, why should they have tochoose between the authenticity of a grass-roots documentary and the distortion of a fictionalstory; or between an honest audio-visual account and cheap propaganda?…

workshop group Arbeit + Migration

Jörn Kalinski (Oxfam, Germany) | Stefan Rostock (Germanwatch, Germany) | Christian Karim Chrobog (Germany) | Ricardo Faria Costa Leite (Portugal) | Paula Mercedes (Brasil) | Thaiddhi (Burma) | Patience G. Tawengwa (Zimbabwe) | Kirsi M. Liimatainen (Finland) | Chinedum Iregbu (Nigeria) | moderation: Oliver Lerone Schultz

… my take:

some interesting conglomeration of inspired, socially aware filmmakers from all over. but then also the beasts of ‘representativity’ and speed took their bites; also not all participants expected the same here, or knew what they were allowed to hope for. everyone learned: you shouldn´t speed date, when it´s about a real love or thorough relationship…

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