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Watching Aliens @ the Alster

… according to William Blake, Marshall McLuhan, Jaques Lacan and some other people you are becoming what you see…
if you want to know what and how I am seeing using the dispositive of photography will be put into the picture looking up the tag ‘[photo set]‘.

– if that´s not enough for you and you are more image hungry, appreciate the ways of presentation the net nowadays offers and like to see things in the larger contexts of online image culture can feed his/her hunger here:

@ tabblo

(i): ols/tabblo >

… image-tabblos: photos presented in lay-out sets. – nice, attentative ‘community’ here. mixed breed of different image cultures – from household-photography to soe individual photo documentarists I really appreciate. >

@ flickr

(i): ols/flickr >

… flickr: photos … according to the flickr-approach. – ‘the’ online-presentation outlet for everything being an image… 5.000 new images every hour or so. images as singulars, as sets, in slide shows, in context of million others, alongside Getty or the National Archive, as ‘commons’, geo-located, whatever… >

@ JPG-magazine

(i): ols/jpgmagazine >

… JPG-magazine: nice platform for ambitioned amateurs. they aggregate them into topics, allow community voting, publish a glossy magazine… they are ‘doing thing’ alongside photography beyond snapshot-culture. more often than not you probably couldn´t distinguish individual photos from professional agency shots. – here you also find some individual, selected images of mine; whenever a topic lures me…. >

@ issuu

(i): ols/issuu >

… issuu – the online kiosk in my view. beside magazines, and first-class publications you find some image portfolios or albums here. some of them made by me. if you are into skimming and flipping pages and like the ‘paper’-feeling melancholy you are right here… happy curling. >

@ clustershot

(i): ols/clustershot >

… clustershot – if you want to get serious in getting photos… make an offer. or just enjoy the noble presentation offered here for a kind of personal ‘portfolio’. and if you look for a nice pool of (commercially) usable photos, and like outlets that put the photographers in control… >