»Acteurs or Networks? Critiques and power of media in pragmatist perspective« [event]

:: workshop : organization + talk : cdc @Denkerei> : 130128

(i)Arkadi Schichet. Bau Moskauer Telegraphen-Zentrale, 1928.

_ with Marc Rölli (Fatih University Istanbul) at Denkerei.

Besides a reconstruction of »media« out of the ANT-perspective the workshops aims at the concept of action/acting (»Handlung«) and its revision in this (media-)theoretical context. On the background of this we will moot fundamentals about a “critique of media” (in it´s dual sense) and “media power”, also opening up for debate the space between ANT-perspective and other traditions of critical theory/sociology.

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contact: oliver_lerone.schultz@inkubator.leuphana

_ 14-15h

: Marc Rölli // Faculty for Philosophy Fatih Universität Istanbul (s.a. http://www.marc-roelli.de/)
Acteurs or Networks? Critiques and power of media in pragmatist perspective

_ 15:15-16:30h

Close Reading/Open Debate [lead by Marc Rölli/oliver lerone schultz]
• Latour, Bruno (2005) : Reassembling the Social: An Introduction to Actor-Network-Theory.
— Chapters: First Source of Uncertainty: No Group, Only Group Formation + Second Source of Uncertainty: Action Is Overtaken + First Move: Localizing the Global

– additional material:
• Latour, Bruno (1994) : “On Technical Mediation - Philosophy, Sociology, Genealogy”.
• Latour, Bruno (1992) : “Where are the Missing Masses? The Sociology of a Few Mundane Artifacts”. In: Bijker, Wiebe E./Law, John. Shaping Technology/Building Society: Studies in Sociotechnical Change. MIT Press. (S. 225–258)
• Feenberg, Andrew. (2010) : Between reason and experience : essays in technology and modernity. [pp. 136-146]

_ 17-17:45h

: Yuk Hui // CDC (s.a. http://homepages.gold.ac.uk/yukhui/)
Reading Latour from a Simondon perspective via Harman – possible links on the question of the »mode of existence«

– additional material:
• Harman, Graham (2009) : Prince of Networks : Bruno Latour and Metaphysics. re.press. Melbourne. [excerpt: pp. 11-25; 73-85; 144-147; 207-21]

_ 18-18:45h

: Moritz Queisner // Col­legium Pic­tur­e­act and Embod­i­ment (HU Berlin) & Fellow Post-Media Lab (s.a. http://moritzqueisner.de/)
Artificial Eyes? How augmented vision questions the separation of human sense and media operation

_ 19-19:45

: Oliver Lerone Schultz // CDC/PML/MIL (s.a. http://lerone.net)
Medial Agencies - between Actors, Organized Networks and Critical Theory

– additional material:
• Hernes, Tor. (2008) : Understanding organization as process : theory for a tangled world. Ch. 7 “Bruno Latour Relativizing the social, and the becoming of networks”
• Engell, Lorenz : “Ontogenetic machinery”. In: Radical Philosophy, 169. Sept./Oct. 2011, What Is German Media Philosophy? (pp. 10-12)