Dispersed Publics : Projections of the Political in the Post-Medial Age [panel/talk]

:: roundtable/talk : Sao Paolo : USP – Faculty of Communication + Arts : 131015

(i): http://www.politicalequator.org/

: Roundtable ‘locative media and political activism’

: w/ Brett Stalbaum> (UCSD), Cicero Silva> (Unifesp) + Oliver Lerone Schultz (CDC Leuphana)
: – organized by Alfredo Luiz Suppia> (UFJF)
: Sao Paolo : USP – Faculty of Communication + Arts
: 15.10.13 – 2 - 5pm


With the (post-)medial age – brought about by digitized, networked and ubiquitious mediatization – there has been a simultaneous diffusion and complication of traditional social and organizational forms. We see a re-figuration of the aesthesio-logical, as well as of social positioning and the logics of grouping. Political formations are taking the form of  dynamic and complex integrals and constitute themselves through new modes of projection and collected vision, involving video in different forms and formations.
– This contribution will revision some of the discussions of Video Vortex #9 – Re:assemblies of Video, pointing to some of new characteristics of projected politics.