VideoVortex9 : Re:assemblies of video, Volume I: Beyond the Timeline [media]

:: -concept/-edit/-production : augmented event ‘time-image’ : 1312

– built with InterLace by Robert M Ochshorn.

editing in company with:  Boaz Levin, Filippo Spreafico, Vera Tollmann

coordination/production in close cooperation with: Vera Tollmann

(i): VideoVortex9


This is a hybrid video reader documenting the 9th edition of VideoVortex, a travelling conference series dealing with implications and contextualizations of online video culture.

Available for the first time – to our knowledge – is an annotated timeline of the conference, which students, scholars and writers can skim through and quote from. The interface attempts to supply the user with as much cultural context and scholarly resources as possible, using embedded footnotes as well as online and offline references, thus creating an amalgam of both digital and analog ‘reading’ cultures. Of particular interest to the PML was the conceptual idea to have a coherent and interactive ‘time-image’ of the whole of the conference as a dynamic, multi-part totality.

We hope that in this way the digital presence of the conference will transcend the limits of a mere re-presentation, offering, rather, an augmented time-image of the event.

The conference itself attempted to re-engage with a structural and contextual analysis of online video culture. Different panels and contributions dealt with a variety of topics relating to the benefits and pitfalls of networked video; from codecs and infrastructure to aesthetics and interfaces; from the diffusion of the social to new forms of subjectivity.

The hybrid reader grew out of the conference while it happened. With the InterLace we wish to propose an alternative way to consider option of hybrid publications (with more to follow). InterLace, the platform upon which our reader is based, is an experimental user-interface for navigating, organizing and annotating large quantities of video on the web. Robert Ochshorn, the author of InterLace, presented at Video Vortex9, inspiring the conference team to take up on his ongoing project and organize the video documentation of the event in one chronological timeline with annotations – mixing the traditional (analog) text format with the (digital) ‘language of new media’, especially networked video. We appropriated and further developed this interface together with Robert – creating this instantiation of InterLace, also aiming at a ‘proof of concept’ as to the new possibilities to document and represent events in new ways. For future development feedback is most welcome, as we are aware, and indeed hoping, that this format can be developed even further.


Editors:  Boaz Levin, Oliver Lerone Schultz, Filippo Spreafico, Vera Tollmann
Coordinators/Producers: Oliver Lerone Schultz, Vera Tollmann
InterLace: Robert M Ochshorn; additional Graphic Design: Sina Hurnik
Software Consultancy: Dafydd Harries, David Kaloper Meršinjak
Assistance: Nina Kersten

additional UI + Design Consultancy: Jan Torge Claußen (Public Service Provision 2.0/CDC), Minuette Le (Hybrid Publishing Lab/CDC)