Post-Media : Discourse and Intervention [talk/event]

:: talk : workshop : organization by Dr. Christina Vagt>; : hosted by TU Berlin, Department for Literature and Science

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TU Berlin
20. June 2014, 2-6 PM, 14.00 - 18.00 Uhr

concept :

When Félix Guattari introduced the idea of post-(mass)media, it was a somewhat euphoric vision of an age to come in which micro-political engagements would act against the dictatorship of mass media. Rosalind Krauss’ idea of the post-medium reflects upon the condition of art after the decline of Greenbergian modernism (the legacy of medium specificity), and the discourse of post-media in the digital age (Lev Manovich et al.) envisions the possibility that all media and the distinction between them collapse into a one-dimensional flow and storage of digital data.
The concept of post-media seems to assemble a variety of discourses, practices and collectives with at times complementary, at other times conflicting hopes, prospects, or fears that a transformation might be on its way which cancels preceding ideas of what media are and what they can do.
The workshop enquires into the potentials and limits of post-media within art and theory. What effects does the discourse on post-media have within academic disciplines, and what kind of knowledge does it produce? What are the interventions, positions, and micro-politics that make use of the post-media condition to challenge hegemonic discourses on media and art? And to what extend is post-media’s space of possibility framed by technologies?


Clemens Apprich (Leuphana University Lüneburg) >
Andreas Broeckmann (Leuphana University Lüneburg) >
Takeshi Kadobayashi (Kansai University / Berlin Institute of Technology)
Petra Löffler (Bauhaus-University Weimar) >
Oliver Lerone Schultz (Leuphana University Lüneburg)
Christina Vagt (Berlin Institute of Technology) >
… et al.

TU Berlin, Strasse d. 17. Juni 135, Main Building (old part), East-Wing, 2nd Floor, Room H 2051.

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