Mahalla, Manalaa, Tahrir, Maspero: Post-Media Nodes of the Egypt Spring [text]

:: co-author : 1501 : PML-Books/MUTE> : conversation with Mina Emad (orig. dec 2011)

(i): Photo by Ehab El Badry,
Alexandria, 14 April, 2008

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: Emad, Mina/Schultz, Oliver Lerone (2015) : “Mahalla, Manalaa, Tahrir, Maspero: Post-Media Nodes of the Egypt Spring”. In: Plants, Androids and Operators: A Post-Media Handbook. Clemens Apprich, Josephine Berry-Slater, Anthony Iles, Oliver Lerone Schultz (Ed.). PML-Books Series. Post-Media Lab/MUTE. London/Lüneburg. 2014. (p. 17-31)


» Oliver Lerone Schultz met Mina Emad, a media artist from Cairo who has worked extensively with artivist engagements in the context of Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt, in November 2011. The conversation took place just before the second Tahrir movement which developed in the build up to parliamentary elections after Mubarak had stepped down – and with renewed repression and restoration already in view. The edited transcript was amended with some further contextual and updated information (footnotes) to better situate it’s somewhat ‘historical’ content, also in light of later developments. «

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